the infernal coffee - the infernal sea signature blend (Limited Ed)

the infernal coffee - the infernal sea signature blend (Limited Ed)

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a trve dark blacker than black roast offering from the infernal sea/ black coffee worship - this roast sits at the top of bcws offerings stating the darkest roast ever produced. Colour of grounds almost replicated crushed oreos!
styled in the way of an italian roast this blend draws a traditional high acidity whilst punching through a strong bitterness. Flavour notes show sweet hazelnut/ berries with a low profile of coacoa hints.
(Limited edition)
an origin mixture of Central / South America
strength= 5
flavour= 6
body= 3

available as fresh roasted beans or a selection of grinds - filter cafetiere, french press or espresso, you choose!

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Customer Reviews

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Amazing coffee, amazing service. Can't wait to buy again. 10/10 would recommend.

Jonas Schöps
Fantastic black coffee

As I happened to pass by the stall in Liverpool I spotted the familiar cowl and mask of this truly great band thry collaborated with and had to purchase this ground coffee. The delicious and bold darkness of the coffee was truly invigorating and made an initiate like myself only want more and more. If the plague masters had access to such a powerful blend surely the dead would have risen up in an instant, which sadly would have deprived us of the dark past that inspired such great music.

Dark and with bite

From the dark glistening beans I guessed this was going to be, for me, a great breakfast brew. Strong, dark and with a sharp edge to it but good body. Excellence once more...