Black metal and black coffee

A new animation audio podcast speaking about black metal and black coffee breaking down the 1st and 2nd wave / also covering post 2nd and modern black metal.

also which Black Coffee Worship goth coffee blends to be slurping whilst spinning black metal records!  

Notes from the Audio Podcast below! 

What to talk about - 1st and 2nd Wave of Black Metal introduction for first times for OGS

Disclaimer -
BCW is a Anti racisim, anti sexsium, Coffee Cult
we Worship Black Coffee and Hard Tunes
Certain fields of Black/ extreme metal we wont fuck with
and wont stand for any of it with that said the Black Metal scene can and has been notified for links to neo nazisim and racisit undertone - this is somthing BCW doenst stand for or tolerate we are in fact pro ANTI racisim Anti Sexsium stance and push causes against these topics, Hail Satan Hail the Bean is all rad but if into any racisim sexisum side of thing please stop listen unfollow unsubscribe we are not bros. Music and Coffee is for everyone Metal and Dark arts is for every one so followers and producers of a black metal scene that are in those fields are not welcome at the Caves of worship.
Dont take yourself too seriously not into purisits look on the lighter side of life PMA and possitivty and creativtry where possible.

1st WAVE 80s - Venom Newcastle, Bathory Stockholm, Mercyful Fate Copenhagen, Hellhammer Switzerland and Celtic Frost Zurich Switzerland. (adaptation closests to Speed and Thrash Metal

Albums to Check out
Venom - Black Metal 1982
Bathory - Bathory self titled 1984
Celtic Frost - Morbid Tales 1984

with Black Coffee Worships HEAVY Blend - Bold Thick Sludge flavouers and the OG release from BCW

2nd Wave Early 90s Norwerigan bands Mayhem, Darkthrone, Immortal, Emperor.
Swedish bands - Dissection Abruptum, Marduk,and Nifelheim.

Albums to check out
Mayhem - Deathcrush 1993
Darkthrone - Transilvanian Hunger 1994
Emperor - In The Nightside Eclipse 1994

With Black coffee Worships UNHOLY Blend - straight up ash tray fires of hell notes Smokey ashy dark roast

Production and Lo-fi ethics, Why so Lofi?

Imagery of Black Metal

Post Second Wave Black Metal and Today - production riffs
Deafheaven, Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth, Pan Amerikan Native Front

Black Metal and Black Coffee - Break down on the intro to Black Metal Worshiping the Riff as we Worship the Black Gold. Music and Coffee is for everyone

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Stay Rad Stay Hydrated look after each other check in on your homies go for a Fika drink good coffee Support your local caffiene dealers listen to good music!