Here at BCW we do things a little differently. We review and rate coffee based on 3 simple principles: strength, flavour and body. Always outta 6… obviously.


Strength – the blast of power you get from that first sip of super black coffee. Ranging from 1 being ‘yep, I guess I’m awake’ to 6 being ‘unholy hell that’ll raise the dead!!’.


Flavour – the overall palette taste of the coffee. Ranging from 1 being a simple single note flavour vibe, to 6 being a seven string guitar riff of dark mixed flavours, with more smoke than a crematorium.


Body – the ‘weight’ of the coffee. Ranging from 1 being light, thin and watery to 6 being as heavy as the casket at Elvis' funeral – perfectly thick and weighted!!

The final review section is “The Breakdown” (Half timed drums enter/ Drop A guitar riffs) – the last round-up on the Coffee itself.

Check out our INSTAGRAM PAGE link below @Black_coffee_worship to view some of our Black Coffee Reviews from all around the world!!!