“Grind Types in the Coffee World?”

As you are all ready into the world of coffee or just starting out all is welcome to the cult of Black Coffee here at BCW! Our Swedish arms are open! We understand looking at a glance it can be quite daunting about the many many different Grind types that exist out there and choosing which one is best for your set up! Below is a breakdown of which term means from us and how we use them here at the caves of worship.

So without further a due we will describe from top to bottom unground all the way to the powder dust!

Type 1- Whole Bean Coffee Beans

We offer all our Coffees and blends available to purchase as whole beans zip fresh bagged with the important 3 pin hole release valve on the back of the bags (Give the bag a squeeze and sniff mmmmmmmmmmm) the benefits of grabbing whole bean bags is that 1 you have your self’s a fresh ground coffee available if you have the relevant grinding apparatus and 2 a wee bit longer lasting coffee as you can store and grind at a later date compared to owning fresh ground coffee pre bagged.

Type 2 – French Press Ground Coffee

A Course ground much like small grit stones crumbly with a Malden sea salt style texture, This is you best ground type choice for a Cafeteria French press style where you sit and leave to steep brew for a few mins before dropping the plunger down on your press set up.

Type 3 – Filter Ground Coffee THE WINNER!!!

OUR GO TO GRIND TYPE! – This is the choice and grind we choose for the most all round accessible set ups covered! Filter ground gives you a medium style grind with the looks of a Sand type feel. Filter ground is used best with any Paper pour/ drip through set up such as HARIO V60 drippers, AEROPRESS Coffee Makers you DELONGHI filter coffee machines anything with a paper is the thoughts to be locked in. Grinding the coffee beans into a MEDIUM SAND like filter ground we believe gives us the BEST all round set up taste and flavour across all coffee machines though!

Type 4 – Espresso Ground Coffee

Fine like dust! Almost a flour powder consistency, Now our Espresso ground coffee is grind mostly to a type of powder used in Industrial style espresso La Marzocco machines, These pro café espresso machines have an extremely high PSI pressure out put to pump the water through the tamper handle and pour out your espresso size coffees smoothly. IMPORTANT our espresso ground Personally I have found does NOT WORK on Home espresso makers! The home espresso machines we have found have 50% less the PSI power available to push the water through the handle so you may find using a ESPRESSO grind on your home machine the coffee comes out really slow and drips instead of runs smooth.

Grinding Beans to espresso ground brings out a much much sour acidity to the coffees which isn’t a bad thing its all your preference on flavour and style!

To Round everything up without a shadow of a doubt our 100% GO TO Coffee grind to be used is FILTER GROUND! Personally, I use FILTER GROUND on my French press, My espresso Machine, Aeropress, V60 dripper everything! It keeps the BOLD strong flavours hitting without being over powered by Sour notes but all runs smooth and pours well across all machines!

As always and at anytime Please feel free to drop us an email/ Insta DM if you have any questions or query’s we are more than happy to assist in your Black Coffee Adventure

Drink it Black! Stay Rad! Stay Hydrated! – Paul BCW