The goth-enburg blend

The goth-enburg blend

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An Homage/ Tribute to the Black Metal homelands!

We bring to you the GOTH-enburg blend from Black Coffee Worship!






This coffee is a trve traditional Scandinavian style coffee and the 1st of its kind from the black coffee worship range!


Nordic Coffee is world known to be a much clearer lighter aromatic fruit notes Scandi style coffee that the Sweeds are known for drinking, Hell must be doing something right the biggest coffee drinking countries in the world are all the Scandi Nordics! - Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Norway and Denmark in that Order!


An Origin blend from Tres Rios Costa Rica Bean.


Available as fresh roasted beans or a selection of grinds - filter cafetiere, french press or espresso, you choose!


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"666 - the unholy trifecta of coffee rating."